The Rumors Are True

Today Sam Caplan announced that I will now be a contributing writer for his MMA blog, 5 oz. of Pain. As I’ve mentioned on here before, I’ve been a big fan of the site since I first saw his articles on CBS Sportsline, so it’s an honor and a privilege to write for it.

As most of you know, I’m also the editor of the IFL web site, but that doesn’t mean I’m just going to write about the IFL for them.  Sam does a good, fair job of that himself, and I love to write about the other organizations just as much (hence this blog).  I know some people might assume I can’t possibly write impartially about the UFC, but the truth is I love the UFC and watch it every chance I get.  Who among us would be MMA fans without them?  I also watch the smaller orgs, like WEC and Bodog and Pro Elite and anything else I can find.  The more competition the better, for the fighters and the fans, though the UFC will always be the beating heart at the center of the MMA world.

This doesn’t mean The Fighting Life is going away. Let’s not panic or anything. This blog — unlike your parents, who never really loved you — isn’t going anywhere. This just means that there is now one more place where you can read my musings on MMA, which means the world is a little bit better today than it was yesterday. Though in all fairness, yesterday wasn’t so great.

In other news, the new edition of Through the Past Darkly (one of the more popular recurring features on is up on the site today. The most popular recurring feature, Dear Don: Advice from the Predator, should make a triumphant return later this week. Don and I have been hard at work on a new column, and when I say hard at work I mean I called Don with some questions and he rattled off some utterly hilarious responses, most of which I can’t publish due to obscenity guidelines.

The strange thing about working on that column with Don Frye, who is something of a hero of mine, is that I always think I know what he’s going to say to each question, but I’m usually wrong.  As much as Don sometimes seems like a walking stereotype of the hyper-masculine man, sometimes he actually gives good advice.  Sure, a lot of it basically amounts to, “stop being a pussy”, but don’t we all need someone to say that to us every once in a while?

The new edition will feature one such instance of Don’s deceptively good advice, and perhaps an answer to one of the many mustache-related questions we get every week.  You’ll just have to wait and see.


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  1. Congrats on the gig, should be great for you, Sam, and 5 oz.

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