Hackleman: Liddell-Silva May Still Happen in December

Fighthype.com is feauturing an interview with John Hackleman, the longtime trainer of former UFC light heavyweight champ Chuck Liddell, wherein he says that he believes the UFC would like to put Liddell up against Wanderlei Silva on their Dec. 29 fight card:

PC: I know you guys were eyeballing a fight with Shogun, but his knee surgery will prevent that fight from happening. Will you still like to get the Wanderlei fight?

JH: Looks like the Wanderlei fight is going to happen.

PC: Ok, is it still going to be in December?

JH: December, yeah!

PC: How are Chuck’s ribs doing? He took a lot of body kicks.

JH: They were up high on his left side and I’m sure they stung, but it wasn’t like a solid knee or anything. They just bruise a little bit and then they go away. He’s already back sparring.

Obviously, that’s very exciting for those of us who have been waiting years to see this fight. It’s the smart move by the UFC to make it happen as soon as possible, because who knows for sure just how long both guys are going to viable as top-ranked contenders. With a couple of solid undercard matches, the whole event could shape up to be a great one.

You can read the full interview here, but be warned that a good deal of it is strangely devoted to awkward small talk between the interviewer (Percy Crawford) and Hackleman. What do you expect. It’s the internet.


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