Randy Couture Leaves UFC

According to a shocking report by the Fight Network, Randy Couture has resigned from the UFC in a letter to Dana White, citing the organization’s inability to sign Fedor Emelianenko as a contributing factor in his decision:

“I appreciate this opportunity the sport of MMA and the UFC has given me,” the UFC Hall-of-Famer said. “However, I’m tired of swimming upstream at this stage with the management of the UFC. It only makes sense at this point in my career to fight Fedor Emelianenko, and since he’s now signed with another organization, I feel like it’s time to resign and focus on my other endeavors.”

The announcement comes while Couture is in South Africa filming “The Scorpion King – Rise of the Akkadian”, in which he reportedly has a starring role.

While I sincerely hope he isn’t walking away from MMA for an acting career (particularly one that hinges on the success of another Scorpion King movie), it is somewhat understandable that he might feel there are not enough mountains left to climb in the UFC at this point.

There are plenty of opportunities for Couture to make money without having his bones broken, and at forty-four you have to think that even Couture can’t have too many more fights in him.

That being said, the announcement has to be a major shock and a disappointment to the UFC. They could not hope for a better spokesman and ambassador than Couture, who also appeared from time to time as a very competent on-air commentator.

Now one can’t help but wonder whether M-1 will attempt to entice him into a big money fight with Fedor. Whatever undisclosed American company that bought the organization will certainly need deep pockets to make it happen, but it’s the kind of move that could instantly put them on the map.

Read the full article here.

Update: read the expanded explanations and accusations from both sides here



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11 responses to “Randy Couture Leaves UFC

  1. Wow – that is huge news. Perhaps we’ll see Fedor and Randy fight yet. I guess it’s just a matter of where and when (for some reason, I keep picturing that futuristic space gym that they showed Couture training in before the last UFC he was in, with the springs in the floors and the padding on the walls).

  2. This blew me away today. I got several phone calls about the story right when it went on the fight network. I was thinking it was a mistake until his manager asked me to put something up on his site. Hopefully this sets up a Couture-Fedor Rocky 4 showdown in Russia that the whole UM crew needs attend. I put your story up on Randy’s site by the way.

  3. tom

    From what I can gather, the UFC is all to blame. According to some things I read, if Fedor signed with the UFC, the UFC would not allow him to fight in any combat sambo tournaments, which he is an 3 time world or national champion, I can’t recall. He is also an ambassador for that sport so as you can see, it’s not an easy pill for him to swallow.

  4. Marty Cecil

    Randy is a great fighter! But everyone knows that Randy Could only be Good in the heavyweight Division.. Light heavyweights where way to quick for him.And i understand about being pissed off about the money…But come on Randy!!Chuck is the Highest payed fighter for a reason!!He K.O. fighters.Witch you know first hand… People want to see K.O.

  5. Tyler Durgen

    I hope you are right Sara. I would love to see that fight. I just wish it could’ve been in the octagon. And it’s not going to be anytime soon. Randy’s under contract with the UFC for at least 9 more months.

  6. Gong

    Chuck’s highest paid for his K.O power. Interesting.

    The man has lost TWICE in a row and has not defeated anyone in recent history that has about as much repercussions as Randy’s win. Even for all his knockouts, nothing can validate the fact that Randy’s only making HALF of what the former light heavy champ is making.

  7. Dappa Dan

    Randy is a true hall of famer. He showed that not just by beating Tim Sylvia, but by also beating Gabriel Gonzago (who other than Randy is the best in the Heavyweight division).
    It’s a shame he’s retired as the Heavyweight division was becoming very intersting.
    We were yet to see Randy deal with Arlovski & Cro Cop (who incidently seem to have dropped way down in their over rated rankings).
    Regardless of the speed of the Light Heavyweights Randy easily made an example of Tito Ortiz.

  8. Mick Fielding

    Man,I’m devastated…the Natural was the greatest.Forget about Chuck,for pure entertainment there was nobody better than the heart on your sleeve,all action hero.Your the PEOPLES CHAMPION Randy,always were,always will be…your too good for White and those muppets in charge of UFC

  9. BOO


  10. i think Fedor and randy should fight either in the ufc or where ever fedor signed to just to see who is the better fighter. but for randy to just drop out like this, WOW what a shocker.

  11. DJ Jones

    I think that Randy Couture will be back in the UFC. He is the best Heavy weight in MMA and the best ever he’s my hero

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