Much Ado About Kimbo

Earlier this week my article about why I do not want to see Kimbo Slice fight Tank Abbott drew the ire of some readers. Some of the criticism was well-founded, some was completely baseless, and some wasn’t even spelled right. Such is life on the blogosphere.

For those of you who objected because you’re one of the people who can’t stand any perceived slight against the great Tank Abbott (and there are a surprising number of you), I stand by my remarks that Abbott is not a serious or interesting fighter these days, and the MMA world should move on without him.

For those of you who objected because you thought I was bashing Kimbo Slice, I’d like to refer you to the new edition of my weekly MMA column on Crave Online. This clarifies my feelings on Kimbo. Read it, then complain about something new.


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One response to “Much Ado About Kimbo

  1. Yah, I’ve never been really impressed with Tank Abbot. I guess Kimbo has to start somewhere…

    I’m looking forward to seeing more of his fights.

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