Arona Denies M-1 Contract Rumors, Says He May Sign in December

Ricardo Arona is denying widespread rumors that he has signed with the M-1 organization to fight Fedor Emelianenko in December, according to an MMANews.con translation of an article in Tatame magazine.  While he doesn’t rule out the possibility that he may sign in the coming months, he doesn’t seem intent on that contract being with M-1, which Arona apparently knows as little about as the rest of us:

 “I have not signed anything with M-1. I’ve heard rumors about it but no offer to fight against Fedor. To be honest I never heard of this event. I’ve gotten a few offers from the U.S., Canada and Japan, but I’m still weighing in my options before I sign. I’ll probably have a contract to fight in December.”

And the rumor mill spins on.  Trying to figure out which fighter has signed with which organization is starting to feel uncomfortably like speculating on which celebrities are pregnant.  All I know is if paparazzi photos surface showing Arona driving around in a new car, wearing an expensive fur coat, he’s definitely signed with someone.  Either that or he’s begun a successful rap career.  I’d be happy about both options, really.


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