UFC, White to Hold Another Press Conference Today

The UFC has announced that they will hold yet another press conference at 4 pm EST today – this one to be streamed live on UFC.com – and Zuffa co-owner Lorenzo Fertitta will join UFC president Dana White to address statements made by Randy Couture last week. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m already tired of this. The back and forth between the UFC and Couture is quickly becoming farcical.

If the UFC wanted the chance to respond to Couture’s comments, why did they schedule a conference call thirty minutes before his last week? Why didn’t they just wait until this week and hold one conference to respond and make their announcements? It’s starting to feel like overkill on this particular topic. I can’t imagine what they’re going to say in response to Couture, but at this point I kind of don’t care.

In other news, Gracie magazine is reporting that Gabriel Gonzaga will make his return to the Octagon with a fight against fellow BJJ practitioner Fabricio Werdum at UFC 80. The two fought once before with Werdum winning by TKO, but that was several years ago and it should tell us something about where each man stands in the UFC heavyweight division to see them go at it again.

If only the press conference were about something like this, or, you know, something to do with MMA.


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  1. Matt

    I’m not getting any audio with the Yahoo stream, are you having similar difficulty?

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