Fight Night Closes In…

We’re a few hours from the IFL Grand Prix. The day of the fight is always an exciting time. Everyone is anxious, pacing around the hotel lobby or staying in their rooms and trying not to get too worked up. I just hope the bar in this hotel is prepared for the whirlwind that’s going to hit them as soon as the fights are over and the IFL vans bring these guys back here. After all that work and all that stress, the fighters like to let go and have some fun when it’s over. Plus, there’s the coaches and trainers. And the IFL staff.

After talking to the guys I have to say I’m really excited to see Benji Radach and Brent Beauparlant fight. I was one of the many people who wrote this one off, but Beauparlant seems really motivated and he has improved significantly in every fight I’ve seen him in. At the same time, Radach is very a talented fighter.

For those of you planning to watch this on TV, the Radach-Beauparlant bout may make it onto the live broadcast or it may not. It depends on how long the other two fights go. But we’ll be doing a play-by-play on the IFL website ( and you can also print out the bout list and make your picks. A couple of the guys on the IFL staff and I usually do this for fun before the fights start (we can’t bet money, obviously, but the bragging rights are just as good). The scoring system we use is included on the corresponding web page, which is here.

If you play along, leave a comment and let us all know what your final score is and I’ll do the same.  But be honest, you pathetic loser.

I’ll try and post a quick recap once the fights are over, but I don’t want to accidentally spill any beer or Parmesan Garlic sauce on my laptop.


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