Blogging the IFL Grand Prix – Recap

I honestly didn’t think there was any way that the Horodecki-Palaszewski rematch could be as good as the first fight. Not only did the fight prove me wrong, it was almost identical to their controversial first fight. I’m always impressed with how calm Horodecki is before matches. But when he gets caught and roughed up a little, as he did in the second round against “Bartimus”, he just seems to get angry.

Obviously Palaszewski thought he was robbed…again. But I have to disagree…again. I scored the first round 10-9 for Horodecki, the second 10-9 for Palaszewski, and the third round 10-10. A fourth round was in order, in my humble opinion, but failing that I don’t see how the third could have gone to Palaszewski. He was just outworked by Horodecki.

In addition to getting the win, Horodecki showed he has a lot of heart, and he did it on live network TV. I hope now people will stop claiming he’s overrated, though I know they won’t.

All in all it was a great show. The fights were great and everybody got their money’s worth. I think we even got through the live broadcast without any serious profanity, which was a major concern considering there was no delay.

I couldn’t help but feel for Brent Beauparlant. That guy is a real competitor and he’s come so far as a fighter in the past year, but Benji Radach is just on a different level. When he hit Beauparlant with some of those punches I could hear it at ringside and it sounded like a pumpkin exploding against the concrete. I couldn’t believe he was still standing after taking a few of those.

Wagnney Fabiano continues to impress with his submissions game. You can tell he’s good because everyone knows exactly what he’s going to do, but they can’t stop him. Renzo Gracie told me he trained Fabiano some when he was fifteen, and that even then he could tell what a major talent he would become. He also told me that Fabiano was so nervous before his fight with Gunderson that he vomited his entire lunch. And yet he didn’t seem rattled at all once the bell rang.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the heavyweight final of the Grand Prix in December. It’s going to be Roy Nelson (who beat one of my favorite IFL fighters, Bryan Vetell, in a grueling match) and Antoine Jaoude. Both guys have excellent ground games and are very smart fighters. I can’t really say how that one’s going to go, but I can’t wait to find out.

One of the more interesting moments of the post-fight press conference came when Vetell spoke about getting kneed in the groin (accidentally) by Nelson, which prompted him to laugh almost maniacally as he reeled from the pain.  When asked why he found this funny, Vetell first asked if it was all right if he swore, then explained, “He hit me in the d*ck.”

I’m still not sure why that’s funny.


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