Sherk’s Hearing Postponed Again

The California State Athletic Commission has again postponed UFC lightweight champ Sean Sherk’s appeal hearing, according to Originally scheduled for Nov. 13, the Commission is now trying to push the hearing, which is Sherk’s chance to present evidence in appeal of his positive steroid test and ensuing suspension, to December.

November 13 is absolutely out,” California State Athletic Commission staffer Bill Douglas confirmed to “The date that’s being worked on right now — rooms are being reserved, schedules are being coordinated, everything is happening — looks like Dec. 4”

Wait, did I read that right? Rooms are being reserved and schedules are being coordinated? I guess holding an appeal hearing is not unlike throwing a party for your grandparents’ fiftieth anniversary. You know, you have to book the DJ, get the caterers, check and see if Uncle Mickey is going to be out of town that weekend (he drinks too much and gets emotional at these things, so it’s just better for everyone if he isn’t around).

This is the California State Athletic Commission we’re talking about here, and they can’t get their act together? It’s amazing that organizations keep going back to California with all the headaches involved in putting on a show there, and now this? If it were the South Dakota State Athletic Commission (assuming one exists), I wouldn’t say anything. But this is the most populous state in the Union. That’s just embarrassing.

Hopefully the CSAC can get a conference room or something by Dec. 4. This whole thing has turned out to be way more difficult than it needs to be.


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