New Articles, Predictions, Other Crap

After an overwhelming (okay, some) response to the first edition of CBS Sportsline’s collective UFC preview, we’ve gone and done it again. Read what yours truly, Denny Burkholder, Sam Caplan, and Todd Martin have to say about UFC 78 here.

At Crave Online you can also read my take on Rio Heroes and their particular brand of internet Vale Tudo. They even have some video clips that you can see for yourself, assuming you’re into that kind of thing.

Finally, Five Ounces of Pain has its own UFC breakdown and staff predictions, just in case you want another set of picks to read. You should really pick up a book or something. Or how about Sudoku? People on the subway seem to like it. That and groping one another.


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One response to “New Articles, Predictions, Other Crap

  1. Christian

    I put a 10 on Chonan i hope you re right !

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