Memes Have Nothing To Do With Fighting

There’s this internet thing people are doing. No, not porn. They’re doing that too, but I feel we don’t need to mention it the same way we don’t need to mention that people are checking their email. What I’m referring to are memes. It’s some kind of hip new blog thing that is just a step above the MySpace bulletins and a step below a meaningful blog post.

The idea, as near as I can tell, is to write seven things about yourself and then “tag” other bloggers to do the same. The goal is as ambiguous as blogging itself, but that never stopped anyone. My good friend Dan Brooks tagged me. He writes the always-clever, occasionally updated, Islamic fundamentalist themed blog, The Brooks Caliphate. When he deigns to make a post, it’s usually hilarious. Since he’s very smart and knows a lot of words, it will also make you feel kind of bad about yourself. This is also an accurate description of how it feels to be friends with him.

Normally I’m against narcissistic stuff like this, which is why my blog is about a sport and not about the minutiae of my daily life. But what the hell. Just be warned: the following has nothing to do with MMA, fighting, or anything that will be of interest to you. You should probably just go away. Go on. You’re free now. Free!

You don’t understand, do you? All right. Have it your way.

1. The best summer of my life happened in Missoula, Montana in 2005.

2. I worked only sporadically, at one point teaching fiction writing to a group of high school teachers and at another point doing prep-work on a house some friends of mine were painting. Neither was a bad gig, and neither paid very much.

3. The rest of the summer, which is to say the bulk of the summer, was spent playing whiffleball in my girlfriend’s front yard and eating Otter Pops on the porch afterward. At dark, which doesn’t happen until around 10 pm during a Montana summer, we usually rode our bikes across the river to my creekside apartment, where it was always cool no matter how hot it was outside. Basically, it was an ideal summer for a ten-year-old or a grad student.

4. Because we’re both extremely competitive, every whiffleball game was an all-out war and every bike ride was a race.

5. I never let her win at either, even though I knew I probably should, at least once, because only a jerk feels like he needs to win at everything all the time, even when it’s whiffleball and even when his opponent is a petite woman. Why was I such a jerk? I really don’t know.

6. She never asked me to let her win, or got upset that I didn’t. She only asked me to help her improve her batting stance. She was a different player by the end of that summer, and could turn on a hanging whiffle-curveball with a ferocity that surprised and impressed me.

7. I still never let her win at anything, though we still compete at everything. Sometimes she wins anyway. I often wonder if there will ever be another summer as good as that one. God, I hope so.



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7 responses to “Memes Have Nothing To Do With Fighting

  1. Oddly, Ben didn’t mention in this post that I beat him at Madden 08 last weekend. I guess I won’t bring it up, as that would be rude.

    PS that was the best summer of my life, too. Here’s to the possibilites of 2008 — street hockey?

  2. bpd

    Street hockey? Honestly?

    You really *are* from Massachusetts…

  3. Mike

    The best summer of my life, The Summer of ’69, as I like to call it -a reference to everyone’s favorite 80’s song at 2a.m., not some sort of perverse act, although that was a large part of the summer- was the summer before I went into my final year as an undergrad at YCP.

    First time being single in years, first summer as a 21-year-old, no real job or responsibility, beach every day, party every night… God, I can’t wait for the next one.

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  5. coachjoe

    Good piece, would like to see more non fighting entries.

    If you let them win, then they can’t when they must.

  6. coachjoe

    Just for Dan Brooks

    1. Even when Ben was 10 I would not let him win at basketball.
    2. He put pads on and I knocked him down in the front yard to make sure he wanted to play football.
    3. He could strike out just not looking.
    4. I made him push a Miada to strengthen his legs.
    5. I made him bat left handed (a mistake)
    6. I gave him early lessons in fighting(boxing)
    7. He and I use to compete in trap shooting.

  7. coachjoe

    1. I once tried to ride a bull in a rodeo
    2. I ran a load of corn whiskey for money in the 60’s.
    3. I have broken my hand from fighting (twice)
    4. I coached football for 5 years.
    5. I once ordered a Corona in an Irish bar in NYC.
    6. I sank a car in a lake
    7. I went into an all black “juke joint” with another crazy white dude just to hear BB King.

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