Sean Sherk’s Steroid Hearing Scheduled For Tomorrow

Internet sources confirm that UFC lightweight champ Sean Sherk is scheduled to appear before the California State Athletic Commission tomorrow to find out their ruling on his appeal of a steroid suspension.  It’s taken a long time just to get to this point, and a part of me wouldn’t be surprised to see the CSAC continue to bungle this case a little longer.  They just seem to have such a talent for it.  But the big question is, does Sherk stand a chance of getting his suspension lifted?

In this age of doped-up sports stars, cynicism comes easy.  Most of us, I think, are ready to believe that pro athletes are guilty until proven otherwise when it comes to a positive steroid test.  Sherk seems to be placing a lot of his hopes in a polygraph test that supposedly indicates he didn’t knowingly take steroids, at the very least.

Whether that’s enough to sway the Commission, who knows.  What I do know is that the CSAC is not fond of lifting these suspensions once they’ve been handed down.  A positive steroid test is difficult to get around.  It sounds as if Sherk has a list of reasons why it might have come up a false positive, but so does everyone who bothers to appeal.

The biggest obstacle in Sherk’s path seems to be that it’s very difficult for the Commission to say, conclusively, that his test was a mistake.  That opens the door for every other positive-testee to appeal on the same grounds, and the CSAC definitely doesn’t want that.  What they have in front of them in a positive steroid test.  It’s going to take a lot for them to disregard it.


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One response to “Sean Sherk’s Steroid Hearing Scheduled For Tomorrow

  1. Mike

    I think when a steroid test comes up positive, that is proof of guilt and the burden then falls on the accused to prove otherwise.

    I hope that these are only a few isolated incidents and we don’t have to find out that everyone is using steroids. That would be disappointing.

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