Reasons to Like Paulo Filho

I’ll be honest: there’s something about the WEC that fails to generate any excitement in me. Sure, I watch it when it comes on. It’s MMA and it’s free on an obscure cable channel I actually get (Versus), so why not? But I can’t help but notice that the fights are often mismatches that end quickly and there is a Wednesday-Night-Fights-at-the-VFW-Hall kind of feel to the whole thing.

Maybe that’s why I haven’t gotten too worked up about tonight’s show, wherein Jeff Curran will challenge Urijah Faber for the WEC featherweight title and Paulo Filho will defend his middleweight belt against Chael Sonnen.

Then I saw this training video of Paulo Filho. Now I’m pretty excited.

I realize that he might have been putting on a little bit of a show for the cameras here, but it’s still pretty great. You have to love that he’s training in what seems to be a public park, using a rusted barbell that looks like it was taken out of someone’s garage after their teenage son wasn’t using it. Plus, Ricardo Arona makes an appearance to show off scars from a recent knife fight, and Filho seems so genuinely concerned about him.

(Note to Arona: what are you doing getting into fights, much less with armed combatants? What is wrong with you? Seriously. You’re a professional fighter. Stay out of bar fights, especially in Brazil. Don’t you know they’re crazy down there? Stick with Paulo. He seems like such a nice boy.)



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7 responses to “Reasons to Like Paulo Filho

  1. Why do I get the feeling that a feature called “Ask Paulo Filho,” might be just as entertaining as “Dear Don,” but in a completely different way?

    I think Sonnen can give him a good fight, but Filho should retain the belt. Jeff Curran could be Uriah Faber’s biggest test as well, so unlike the Fighting Life, I’m looking forward to tonight’s WEC show.

    Too bad Filho doesn’t seem to like America much, because I feel like we could probably get him into some slightly better training facilities up here. Though I can see him showing up at Extreme Couture and waiting patiently throughout the first practice session for the part where he gets to carry three other dudes on his back, and then being bummed out when it doesn’t happen.

    And also Randy Couture probably wouldn’t have any new scars from a knife fight “in the park.”

  2. The Fighting Life

    What makes you so sure they aren’t carrying one another around the gym on their backs over at Xtreme Couture?

  3. The Fighting Life

    Also, I love the idea of “Ask Paulo”. I imagine it going a little something like this:

    Dear Paulo,

    I was working out the other day and carrying my friend on my back when I felt something pop in my knee. Is this normal?

    – Sore in Seattle

    Dear Sore,

    I not understand. You carry only one person on your back? And this hurt you? You are woman, yes?

    – Paulo

  4. No, I’m sure Fo Griff is carrying Sean Tompkins, Gray Maynard and Kit Cope around on his back right now. Just trying to get into reality TV shape.

  5. Filho looks like the real deal. I am looking forward to this fight. I just starting getting Versus on cable, so I now see WEC. I’m liking it.

  6. Most of the promos seem contrived. I think they are trying to create the image of a superhero and Filho took the bait.

    There is no way he could achieved what he has achieved by training like Tommy Speers….

  7. This should be the best card they have had since the deal with Versus started. They signed a multiple live event deal with Versus and then fell off the face of the mat for a few months. The rate they are going Faber won’t be getting carded for beer anymore by the time the deal is expired.

    About the same time Zuffa was talking about how great they were going to make WEC…it was going to be second only to UFC in the world of mixed martial arts…then you heard silence. It’s like when a kid gets a new toy and is excited at first then starts playing with the box and forgets about it.

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