New Tim Kennedy Article, With Fight Video

I’ve posted a new article about Tim Kennedy on today. More and more Kennedy is looking like he could be a real star in MMA. He has all the physical tools, plus he’s smart and very personable in front of the camera. You can watch his full fight against Elias Rivera (which is embedded into the IFL article) and while I know Rivera isn’t the best or most seasoned middleweight out there, the way Kennedy manhandled him is almost scary.

Plus, while Kennedy was cutting weight at the hotel gym the day before the Grand Prix, he was overheard outlining the entire plot of “Lord of the Rings” to his trainer, which I find both weird and intriguing. You have to pass the time on the treadmill somehow, but who would expect to hear some badass MMA fighter starting sentences in the gym with, “Okay, so there’s this wizard named Gandolph, right?”

Read the article and watch the fight here.


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