Is Brock Lesnar A “Mental Midget”?

We all know Brock Lesnar is a physical specimen.  One look at his action-figure physique and cartoonishly square head tells us that he’s probably gifted when it comes to hurting other people.  But what’s going on upstairs for “The Next Big Thing”?  According to Kurt Angle, who worked alongside Lesnar in the WWE, not much.  In a recent radio interview Angle commented that while he thought Lesnar had all the physical tools to be successful in MMA, he is too much of a “mental midget” to survive when the going gets tough.

Now, I know what you’re thinking.  Angle is a pro wrestler.  He’s been talking sensationalist trash so long it’s questionable whether he even knows or cares any more about the distinction between saying something he believes and something intended to build hype.  But, just for the sake of argument, let’s say this was a comment that Angle thought through beforehand and is willing to stand behind.

Lesnar is the guy who walked away from the WWE to become a pro football player.  Then, when the Vikings decided he was not quite ready for prime time and offered him a spot on their NFL Europe team, he walked away from that, too.  Now he wants to be an MMA fighter.  It’s at least worth asking, how committed is Lesnar to this new course of action?  How will he react after a loss?  Will he walk away if he isn’t UFC heavyweight champion in a year?

I’ll be the first to say that I’m very interested to see what Lesnar can do in this sport, but I also wonder about a guy who seems to change his mind every few years about what he wants to be when he grows up.  Six months from now is he going to quit MMA to become an astronaut or a fireman?  Only time will tell.



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2 responses to “Is Brock Lesnar A “Mental Midget”?

  1. WOOOOOOO !!!! Kurt Angle… You don’t suck… Great minds think alike. I actually forgot the reason to why “here comes the piss” left the WWE, to join the VIKINGS.
    I made reference to how dumb Dana White an Zuffa are, no need to repeat myself… So please refer to “state of SHAME of heavyweight division in UFC” for comment… My title would be “why it sucks that a belt made great by RANDY COUTURE rates lower than TNA WRESTLING”

  2. Actually… A mate has just informed me that KURT ANGLE wrestles in TNA, not the WWE, anymore… HMMM… This is where I need to be a real man… Take note FEDOR an BROCKY an KENNY SHAMROCK…
    I made a mistake and APOLOGISE to the first gold medalist in WWE history, KURT, I never meant to bag you.
    So… FEDOR can apologise from running from RANDY COUTURE, KENNY can apologise for being a JACKASS… and BROCKY… just start apologising RIGHT NOW for fans wasting money, DANA WHITE being HOMELESS, an ZUFFA for going BANKRUPT… “HERE COMES THE DEMISE OF THE UFC”.

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