UFC 81 Head-to-Head Picks on CBS

The new edition of Head-to-Head is currently live on CBS Sports. You’ll notice that new editions now feature the respective records of the analysts. I’m not going to point out that I’m currently tied for first. I’m just going to assume that you’ll take note of it all on your own.

Read it here.



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3 responses to “UFC 81 Head-to-Head Picks on CBS

  1. Rob

    Ben Fowlkes,
    What the hell do you know about Fedor, and why he makes the decissions he does? Get in the ring with him you fucking Suka!

  2. The Fighting Life

    You’re right, Rob. I should probably fight Fedor to learn why he makes the decisions (note the spelling) that he does. That is clearly the best course of action. Thanks.

  3. Aptninja

    That’s how I found out why my parents got divorced. Also, it turns out Mom is vicious in the clinch.

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