MMA-America: UFC Announces Plan to Sue Everyone on Earth

If you haven’t yet checked out MMA-America, I suggest you do so immediately. Here’s why:

LAS VEGAS — Ultimate Fighting Championship president Dana White announced at a press conference on Thursday plans for the fighting organization and its parent company, Zuffa LLC., to “sue every fucking person on the fucking planet,” as part of an ongoing effort to dominate the American mixed martial arts market. “Men, women, fucking little kids,” White said. “We don’t give a fuck. Every fucking pussy on fucking planet Earth is going to get fucking sued by the fucking UFC.”

The move culminates years of litigation by the UFC and its owners designed to intimidate employees and contractors while bankrupting its competitors. It also expands efforts that already include the company suing its own heavyweight champion over the use of his likeness and several outstanding lawsuits against companies that no longer exist, like the Japanese-based Pride Fighting Championships and Dream Stage Entertainment.

“We fucking own everything,” White said, gesturing to reporters. “That fucking camera? I own it. We have a fucking copyright on whatever you motherfuckers are writing right now.”

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