M-1 Global’s Fedor-themed Reality Show: Worst Idea Ever?

They have a funny way of looking at things over at M-1 Global.  By funny, of course, I mean stupid.  That’s the only explanation for their latest endeavor, a reality show where sixteen fighters compete for the chance to face Fedor Emelianenko.  Oh yeah, they also seem to think that this is a new idea.

I can’t tell you what’s going on inside the minds of the M-1 Global executives.  Apparently unsatisfied with being a Fedor rental operation disguised as a fight promotion, they’re now endeavoring to tread ground already broken by their predecessors, only they want to do a much sloppier job of it.

I also have to wonder if M-1 has license to use that old Pride footage of Fedor.  I mean, any other company you’d give them credit for not being so dumb as to expose themselves to the most litigious fight organization on the planet.

Then again, nothing about what M-1 has done makes me inclined to assume that there’s any intelligent thinking going on in there.



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2 responses to “M-1 Global’s Fedor-themed Reality Show: Worst Idea Ever?

  1. Here is a better idea… Designed to save the UFC. We get a hotline for Dana White HATERS, and trim the entries down to the top 16 for the show, to contest it.
    Enter his two top hated talent… Tito Ortiz and Randy Couture, as coaches of two teams, and week by week, we eliminate contestants, down to the HATER CHAMPION.
    The winner, live on pay per view, main event, gets their opportunity to beat seven shades of shit out of “MMA’s most retarded piece of trash” !!!!

  2. Aptninja

    It’s called “Fighting Fedor.” I can only assume that, Fedor and whoever wins the contest will take an immediate dislike to each other, after which they will fall in love. Also, Fedor will have a sarcastic but supportive gay friend.

    The only good part of this will be when Aleksander signs up to be one of the contestants.

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