IFL Recap, UFC 82 Liveblogging

I’m finally home from Las Vegas and ready to gear up for UFC 82.  My flight was actually on time, and I sat behind comedian Dave Attell, who spent the five hours trying to be nice to two nosy old women who refused to let him watch his mini-Jet Blue television in peace.  Just witnessing it made my flight endlessly pleasant.

You can check out my insider recap of last night’s IFL event at Cage Potato, and I’ll also be writing a live blog of UFC 82 there tonight.

Basically, it will be like sitting next to me on my couch during a UFC pay-per-view, except this way you don’t have to think up a polite excuse to leave when I go off on a tangent about Heath Herring’s style-over-substance approach to fighting, which inevitably makes people uncomfortable.  Actually now that I think about it, maybe it’s the fact that I typically deliver this tirade drunk and with my shirt off that does that.  Either way.

For more of my clever witticisms, check out Cage Potato tonight.


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