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Ian Freeman Talks Bisping, IFL, and MMA in the U.K.

I had a chance to talk to British MMA legend Ian “The Machine” Freeman yesterday. This guy is a real character. If you’re looking for a good MMA-related read, I recommended his memoir, “Cagefighter”. It has more crazy stories about blokes in pubs than ought to be legal for consumption in America.

In the interview we discussed his book, his life, his fighting career, and how the sport is progressing in England. Freeman, who helped train Bisping for his fight with Rashad Evans, had no problem telling me I was wrong to think “The Count” might have been robbed:

If Rashad was fighting his best, it proves that Mike really belongs in there with anybody. He had kind of a bad fight with Matt Hamill and a lot of people thought he lost that fight, but whether he did or didn’t I think he proved his worth against Rashad. I believe he did lose the fight, but it was very, very close. I was proud of how he fought.

Even though I argued Bisping’s case on this blog a couple of days ago, I can live with that assessment. Freeman went on the say that he thinks the U.K. might be a few years behind America in terms of developing MMA fighters, but fighting abroad and seeking out new people to train with in the States is helping them catch up.

Click here to read the full interview.


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