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Frank Shamrock Talking Crazy

I love when certain MMA fighters get a chance to say what’s on their mind and let us all know just how insane they truly are. Readers of this blog will know that I am a huge Nick Diaz fan, partly for this reason, but the old school master of MMA Crazy Talk has to be Frank Shamrock. That’s why I was elated to find that Shamrock participated in a live chat on the Pro Elite forum yesterday.

Having interviewed Shamrock several times in the past, even I could have told Pro Elite that this was a bad idea. Frank Shamrock will say anything. It doesn’t matter if it’s demonstrably untrue or if it contradicts something that he just said thirty seconds ago, if a string of words pops into his mind he will utter them, seemingly unaware that they have meaning.

For example, Shamrock repeated several times in this chat that he’d like to fight Renzo Gracie in 2008, but he believed Renzo was “ducking” him.  He referred to Renzo as “the actor” and claimed that Gracie was “enrolled in acting classes” right now, and that’s why he wouldn’t agree to the fight. Then, later in the same chat, Shamrock talked about how much he enjoys acting and how he had a supporting role in an upcoming movie. What? It’s enough to make you wonder if he even listens to himself.

Other highlights of the chat include Shamrock once again calling Josh Thompson gay (very mature), nonchalantly remarking that he’d like to fight Robbie Lawler and Matt Lindland (bad idea), and claiming that he will fight twenty-one more fights over the next ten years.

That last one disturbs me most, for some reason. Maybe it’s the specificity of that statement. It furthers my belief that Shamrock has some weird, undiagnosed schizo-narcissistic personality disorder. Maybe it’s not even a documented illness yet. Maybe Shamrock should be studied by a team of scientists in an Austrian institute somewhere just so they can finally figure out what’s going on in his brain. Then again, maybe he should just get choked out by Renzo Gracie. I hear it has curative properties.

For the full original chat, click here.



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