Recent Articles

I’ve written for a number of different online and print media outlets, but below you’ll find links to some of the more notable ones, with periodic updates when something new comes out. I’ve separated them into MMA and non-MMA categories, because occasionally it can be fun to read about something other than pro fighting. I know that sounds crazy, but just give it a shot.

MMA Articles

An Uncertain Future For Chuck Liddell (Crave Online)

Thugs? Hooligans? Boxing Apologists Shouldn’t Throw Stones (CBS Sportsline)

Is Shamrock Comeback in the Cards? (Fox Sports)

The Difference Between Potheads and Cheaters (Crave Online)

IFL heavyweight Rothwell Chasing Perfection (CBS Sportsline)

The Trouble With The Gracies (Crave Online)

Top Ten Most Under Appreciated Fighters (Crave Online)

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Frank Shamrock Under the Microscope (The Sweet Science)

A Woman’s Place (

Rio Heroes and the Rise of Vale Tudo Fighting (Crave Online)

Is This the Face of the World’s Best Fighter? (

Let’s Not Crucify ‘Babalu’ Just Yet (Crave Online)

Fighters and the Women They Love (Crave Online)

Non-MMA Writing

Daniel Day-Lewis: Best Actor of Our Time? (Crave Online)

VH1’s Celebrity Rehab: Has Train Wreck TV Gone Too Far? (Crave Online)

Super Bowl XLII: The Hypefest (Crave Online)

I’m Addicted to “Rock of Love” (Crave Online)

Hunting Story (fiction, Pindeldyboz)

Top 10 Western Movies, And Why 3:10 to Yuma Isn’t One of Them (Crave Online)

Is Bill Belicheck a Cheater? (Crave Online)