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Dear Don Is Back

I posted a new installment of Dear Don on the IFL site today. I recommend giving it a read. Don’s been a tough guy to get a hold of recently what with all his pro wrestling engagements in Japan, fistfights in hotel lobbies, and busy appearance schedule across the country, hence the long layoff.  Fortunately, we had a productive conversation last night that should yield several more editions.

It also came out in this conversation that I have never seen “The Searchers”, starring John Wayne. Don seemed both baffled and angered by this, which is basically Don’s reaction to most things pertaining to my generation. I’ll have to Netflix it.

Read the latest Dear Don here.


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New Dear Don at

Don FryeThe new edition of Dear Don: Advice from “The Predator” is on the IFL website today. In case you’re not familiar with the internet’s most popular MMA-related advice column, allow me to fill you in. Dear Don is where average jerks write in with questions about their sad, sad lives, and Don tells them what to do, or at the very least what he would do. I don’t know if these people actually heed the advice, because much of it would lead to incarceration and/or being outcast from society, but some of it is genuinely good and, occasionally, touching.

In this edition Don gives advice on dealing with a pretty girl who’s not all that smart, transitioning from an amateur to a pro as an MMA fighter, and of course, growing the perfect mustache.

You should check it out. If you’re not a total pussy. Hell, even if you are. You probably need to hear this stuff more than most.

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